The Proper Approach to a Lush
Healthy Eco-Friendly Lawn.

Our Programs are Guaranteed* to show results even with the Provincial Pesticide ban.
We can reduce weeds in a safe and environmentally responsible way.
Always safe for your family and pets.

We offer our customers the ability to select one of several programs suited and customized for your budget. All seasonal programs are designed and developed to create a healthy lawn and safe environment by focusing on proper nutrients, proper care and promoting plant health.

We incorporate the most current Weed Control products and techniques available to guarantee you visibly fewer weeds! (NEW FIESTA Weed Control).

Be rest assured that all herbicde applications are performed in compliance with Integrated Pest Management standards in mind.  When our customers work together with us, follow our technicians helpful advice and,incorporate proper mowing and watering regimes visible results will be Guaranteed!
In addition to our programs, customers have the option to select Individual services such as organic top dressing & soil amendmentsshrub and tree maintenance,or lawn pest control.

A full list of available services can be found below.


Our Tradtional Fertilizer

We choose to use only professional premium fertilizer products in granular form that incorporate innovative design with agronomics to produce a proprietary coating process (PCSCU).  This delivers the highest nitrogen level with the lowest sulphur content available today. This technology delivers more reliable, more predictable slow release of nutrients so your lawn receives a 6 week period of steady feeding.


Premium Organic Based Fertilizers

Our Organic based fertilizer products have all the same technologies as the traditional fertilizers with the added benefits of organic matter. This improves soil structure, increases microbial activity and water holding abilities and will improve the overall vigour of your lawn.


How Do Organic Fertilizers Work?

Have you ever noticed that good quality soils have a “nice earthy smell”? That smell is actually the by-products of billions of soil creatures breaking down organic matter into nutrients that can be taken up by plants. Organic fertilizers are not just food for your plants but food for the living organisms that produce quality soils.


Eco-Premium Program

  • Seasonally timed slow release applications of premium fertilizer
  • Weed Control applications of Fiesta applied as spot treatment to control weeds* (Applications applied 2 in Spring and 1 Late Summer and  1 early Fall
  • Free Mid-Summer Evaluation
  • Free Ph Soil Testing when problems exist

Receive 15% off Core Aeration or Mechanical Slit Overseeding when combined with of this program



**Prices are based on an average lawn size of 2000 sq feet. Prices may vary and will be dependent upon actual measured property size and extent of weeds present at time of evaluation.



Eco-Organic Classic Program

  • Seasonally timed slow release fertilizer applications of organic based fertilizer
  • Weed Control applications of Fiesta applied as spot treatment as needed to control weeds*. Applied early and late Spring late Summer and Fall.
  • 1  Free Service call (Summer evaluation)



**Prices are based on an average lawn size of 2000 sq feet. Prices may vary and will be dependent upon actual measured property size and extent of weeds present at time of evaluation.

For your convenience, service continues from season to season for a healthier lawn year after year.
For any change in service, please call our office during regular business hours. 519-979-7600  We're happy to help solve your problems!



Prepay any seasonal program and save 5% and enjoy a WORRY-FREE summer.

* Weed control products are applied in accordance to provincial and or local by-laws and within IPM guidelines. Program services may be altered or substituted to comply with provincial regulations and new developments that may provide more effective control. Management is defined as a process employed to control the incidence and reduction of weeds & turf damaging pests while promoting a healthy growing environment.  It is neither reasonable nor practical to expect total weed and crabgrass control under new laws.  When we work together our programs will provide you with a healthy lawn, Guaranteed!

Individual Lawn Care Services

  • Core Aeration small cores of soil are removed to reduce compaction improve root growth. It also allows better uptake of nutrients.
  • Grub Control helps to reduce the occurence of grubs within your lawn
  • Top Dressing adds organic matter to the soil and improves micro organizims which promotes better thatch breakdown and moisture retention.
  • Mechainal Slit Over Seeding improves your lawns density and introduces heartier cultivars with endophytic properties.
  • Vegetation Control controls unwanted vegetation growing on your patio, driveway or walkways.
  • Lawn Repair:  when extensive damages exists we can evaluate and recommend the necessary steps needed to repair your lawn. Contact our office to arrange your evaluation.
  • Crabgrass Inhibitor applied to prevent the germination of Crabgrass and other grassy weeds varieties.
  • Soil Amendment when acidic soil is present the addition of lime re-balances the pH level of your soil. An excellent amendment process that improves soil over several seasons
  • Shrub Maiantence we can provide a seasonal, timely trimming of perennials and shrubs to improve shape and provide the desired look for your property.