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Are you looking for the best environmentally friendly lawn treatment to control your weeds? At Eco-Gro Lawncare, we have been ensuring beautiful and weed resistant lawns, using environmentally responsible processes for many years. Our motto “Healthy lawn.  Healthy lives.  Healthy planet.” focuses on principles and practices promoting an environmentally friendly approach to lawn care. This is a motto we take very seriously.

A weed can be defined as any plant growing in a place that it is not wanted. Weeds are opportunistic plants that compete with your lawn for space, water, nutrients and sunlight. A thick, vigorous, healthy lawn is your best defense against weed invasion.


Lawn Care Weed Control

If a lawn is infested with weeds, there are a few strategies you can apply to rectify the situation. Your first step is to contact us for advice. Typically, our weed control service will eradicate broadleaf weeds after several seasonally timed applications. At Eco-Gro Lawncare we use only environmentally friendly products to ensure a healthy and safe lawn.

This process may be repeated a few times depending on your lawn’s overall condition. A Lawn that has a high weed density may require a slit over seeding to develop a thick, lush weed resistant lawn.

Hiring a professional lawn care and weed control service is your best bet. With our Eco Premium program, you get the following:

Eco-Premium Program

  • 3 Seasonally timed slow release applications of premium fertilizer
  • Weed Control applications of Fiesta applied as spot treatment to control weeds* , applied in early/late Spring, late Summer and early Fall
  • Season long Evaluation
  • Receive special offers on Core Aeration or Mechanical Slit Over-seeding when combined with this program

Lawn care is an important part of your home’s property maintenance plan. Contact Eco-Gro Lawncare today to discuss how we can reduce weeds in a safe and environmentally responsible manner that is also safe for your family and pets.

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