We are a Windsor, Ontario based local lawn care service business focused on maintaining and repairing your lawn with state of the art products that are safe for you and your pets. We offer a full line lawn care services to include fertilizing, weed control, aeration, lawn pest control, slit seeding, and lawn mowing just to name a few. Our trained technicians are approved to apply low risk herbicides and pesticides.

Weed Control & Fertilizer

A weed can be defined as any plant growing in a place it is not wanted. Weeds are opportunistic plants that compete with your lawn for space, water, nutrients and sunlight. A thick, vigorous, healthy lawn is your best defense against weed invasion.

Mechanical Slit Seeding & Dethatching

Slit seeding is a service that helps thicken a lawn that has become thin or damaged by insects, diseases, weeds, drought, excessive traffic or other types of damage.
For these problems we highly recommend you consider this service.

Lawn Pest Control

A healthy, well-maintained lawn is the best defense against insect invasion. Insect damage is usually less severe on properly maintained lawns. Insects that infest home lawns are generally difficult to notice and their presence goes undetected until significant damage has been done.

Core Aeration

Lawn Aeration is one of the single most important services that will improve and create a healthy lawn. Aerating is the process of removing small plugs of soil and thatch from your lawn to encourage new root growth.

Our Customers Say

Who We Are

EcoGro Lawn Care

Your best solution to a beautiful, healthy and weed resistant lawn is Eco-Gro Lawncare.

We are committed to providing a level of satisfaction second to none.  By obtaining one of our lawn care programs and following our professional technicians advice you’re ensured a lush green lawn and perhaps become the envy of your neighbours. We Guarantee it.

About the owner

Growing up as a child of an immigrant family I was introduced to horticulture at an early age through my family garden. My father grew many of his own seasonal fruits and vegetables to nourish our family. He extended that passion from his garden to his landscape. He took great pride in his own lawn which he meticulously maintained...
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Our Philosophy

Eco-Gro Lawncare was created on the principles of providing a premium eco-friendly lawn care alternative. Our focus is based on providing an unsurpassed service of commitment to professional lawn care. This is achieved by incorporating techniques to create the desired outcome of a great looking lawn while reducing environmental footprint.
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Why Choose Us

Healthy Lawns

They can be achieved with a proper lawn care maintenance program developed to create a healthy lawn and growing environment.  With the use of premium grade products whether traditional type or organic based we can ensure great results with minimal impact to the environment.

Healthy Lives

What is your time worth?  We believe your free time should be spent enjoying relationships with family, friends and neighbours. We are committed to minimizing your household task associated with lawn care allowing you the freedom to pursue your own activities and interests.

Healthy Planet

Our commitment is based on the foundation of providing environmentally responsible lawn care with the promotion of eco-friendly products and responsible use.   Our Programs which include only the use of slow release fertilizers which allow the right amounts of nutrients needed to promote healthy growth. These products reduce leaching into the water eco systems unlike with the use lower grade products. Our bio-herbicide and pesticide products have been tested and approved for safe use in Ontario.

Our use of slow release fertilizers minimizes undesired excessive top growth and leaching effect into our water eco systems. Furthermore we promote the use of fertilizer products containing low sulphur and low or no phosphor to further reduce environmental concerns.
Our service programs offer a full line of organic based fertilizer products. We also incorporate the use of bio- herbicides and pesticides to control specific broadleaf weeds and lawn feeding insects. These products have been tested to ensure safety for people pets and the environment. Additionally we promote the use of organic top dressing and core aeration services to improve soil content and it's ability to absorb nutrients.These measures deter product run off and environmental impact.
To control specific broadleaf weeds such as dandelions, we promote the use of bio-herbicides weed control which are pet, people and environmentally friendly products. Similarly the use the bio-pesticides such as nematodes are used to control lawn insects when problems exist. Additionally we promote the use of organic top dressing and core aeration services to improve soil content and ability to absorb nutrient. These measures deter product run off and environmental impact.
Seasonally timed fertilizer applications. Aeration program spring or fall treatment. Mechanical endophyte over seeding assists in pest control and ensures perfect seed to soil contact for best germination results. Dethatch and power raking. Organic top dressing application to improve soil humus content. Liquid kelp turf stimulant application to improve drought hardiness and recovery. Bio-herbicide application to control specific broad leaf weeds. Bio-pesticide applications to control lawn pests. Shrub and Landscape manicure.


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