Organic matter is essential to good plant development.  The difference between a Top soil and sub soil is organic matter. Organic matter in soil allows air water and nutrients to enter the root zone of the plants we are growing and holds it there for later consumption by the plant. Topsoil is only topsoil because of years of organic matter residues left behind by the plants growing in it. In an urban environment we tend to clean up this organic residue in the form of raking leaves and bagging our grass clippings. If we fail to replenish organic matter as it breaks down then the quality of our soils is going to decrease as a result. Organic fertilizers and dressing replenish this organic matter as it breaks down and feeds your plants at the same time.

We offer a great top dressing that can be spread on your lawn to add organic matter.

Reclaim Organic Top Dressing

  • Excellent cover for seeding lawns
  • Contains high organic content.
  • Superb general plant nutrient source